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.SiMpLe PlAn FaNaTiC. <3 [entries|friends|calendar]




You really don't know how hard and fast I've fallen for you. It's so unexplainable how much I love you. I'd do anything for you. You're the sweetest, most caring person I have ever met. I think about you every second I'm not with you. When I am with you, nothing else in the world matters. You mean the world to me and I'd do anything for you. I can't help who I fall in love with, but I do know my heart picked the right guy. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!


0ur laughS aRe--»[LimitLeSs] 0ur mem0rieS--»[c0untLeSs] 0ur friendship--»[endLeSs] Love you girl, with [everything] ive got -We'll always be BFF's. ILSYFM its not even funny.

About Me!

Im Brittany and I will soon be a Freshman at Creek, but for now Im enjoying my last few days as an 8th grader at Creekside middle. I LOVE my boyfriend Daniel and dont know what I would do with out him. Soccer is my life, but I also love to play softball and surf. My best friend in the world is Shelley L and I owe so much to her. I also love Kelly who always pimps my eljay =)


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I’d Do Anything For You
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EXCITED!! [Tuesday,
May 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Wow, I'm so flipping excited! I won my softball game.. and then I came home and Daniel left my present on the front porch. and i opened it and i was soooo excited. it's so kool. he gave me this little trophy thing that's a soccer cleat and it says i love you so much brittany! and it has #23 on it. And then he got me a red braves visor. awesomeness. and then a big heart shaped pillow that says wild about you. I love him so much. I'm so crazy about him. It's not even explainable. Gosh, I'm soooo in love with him. And I got a digital camera for my bday from my grandma. But it didnt work so my grandma's gonna bring it back and get me a different one, which is gonna be better and more expensive cuz i'm a spoiled brat and she'll get me anything. =P Well tomorrow's my birthday and I'm sooooo excited!! I can't wait to see Daniel. He got me ANOTHER thing that he's giving me tomorrow. He spent wayyy too much on me. But that just shows how much he loves me. Well Im gonna go eat dinner. Much love.

Daniel~ You mean the world to me. I never want you to change cuz I'm in love with the person you are now. I love you so much, baby!! xoxo Thank you for everything. You're truly one of a kind. Love you!! <3

Shelley~ bffl ilysfm!!
Dane~ bffl You can be confusing sometimes. Love ya anyways. <3

Updating because E told me to! =P [Saturday,
April 30th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

I am updating because Ethan told me to.

Me and Shelley are watching this weird movie called The Good Girl on tv. Kinda strange.




I dunno which one to pick. Or to keep the one I have now. IM me and tell me. xSOCCR iSZ LiFEx

I thought this was funny. =] [Thursday,
April 28th, 2005]

Haha [Thursday,
April 28th, 2005]
[ mood | good ]

In the last entry I was in Science and we were using the computers. And Adam and Ian updated my journal for me. Thanks guys. lol



in Science.. [Wednesday,
April 27th, 2005]

Update. =P [Wednesday,
April 27th, 2005]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I'm bored cuz I already ate this morning and everything. =[

On Saturday we had a soccer game at home at 11. We scored 2 goals as soon as the game started and then at the end of the first half it was 2-0. In the second half we scored 3 more goals. I SCORED TOO! hehe We played the team that broke Alexa's wrist last season. =O So we were determined to beat them. And we did. Cuz they sucked.

On Sunday Daniel called me at like 11 cuz he just got home from Lakeland for baseball. I asked him if he wanted to come over. So he came over and we hung out with Shelley. And then we called Dane and he came over. Dane kicked a soccer ball at Shelley's face and gave her a bloody nose. So she got all mad at him (not for real tho) and was like yelling at him and everything. She was like, "See Dane, that car drove by so fast cuz they didn't wanna look at your ugly face." Me, Daniel, and Dane were cracking up. It was so hilarious. Well, that entertained us for a while. Then me and Daniel came back to my house to eat and Dane left. And then Shelley came over again after we were done and me, her, and Daniel made brownie sundaes with reese's ice cream and chocolate syrup. THEY WERE SO FLiPPiNG GOOD!!!! haha But then we took Daniel home at like 9 I think?

Monday I went to school and then I had a softball game after school at 5:30. We played TruGreen. But we beat them like 13-2 or something. We had to bring Daniel home, but he forgot his key to get in his house and his mom was working. Intellegent, I know. =D So we sat at his house for like 15 minutes while he called his mom and stuff. She told him to go to the Tressler's but he didn't and went somewhere else. I dno where. But he somehow found his way into his house. lol

Last night I had a softball game again against J&M. It was an awesome game. We were down like the whole game 4-0. Then we got a run in the 5th inning..? Anyways.. in the bottom of the sixth inning, we had basesd loaded and 2 outs. I hit one to right center and cleared the bases for a triple. We were tied. And then Jill hit me in from there. The score at the end of the inning was 7-4. And we managed to hold them to 6 runs in the top of the 7th. The last out to end the game was a popup behind the plate and Cherish caught it. So we ended up winning 7-6. The game was THE best.

Well tonight I have soccer practice w/ Bruce and I think a lesson w/ Josh. So much soccer, so little time. Well Josh's lesson will be fun. But Bruce's usually isn't. =P

I'm gonna go. Peace out.

Daniel- You mean more to me than anything in the world. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! xoxo <3
Shelley- BFFL ILYSFM!! xoxo
Dane- BFFL I have no idea what I'd do w/o you. ILY!!
Anthony- Glad I could help you last night. I'm always here for ya. bffl <3

April 21st, 2005]
[ mood | calm ]

001.What is your name? Brittany
002. Spell your name backwards: Ynattirb

003. Date of birth: May 4th
004. Male or female? Female
005. Astrological sign: Taurus
006. Nicknames: Britt, Bridget, Welch.. i dno usually ppl call me brittany
008. Height: 5'4
009. Weight: 109 maybe?
010. Hair color: Blonde
011. Eye color: Blue
012. Where were you born? Florida

013. Where do you reside now? my house
014. Age: 13
015. Screennames: xSOCCR iSZ LiFEx
016. E-mail: soccergirl23@cfl.rr.com
017. What does your screen name stand for? my life

018. What is your xanga name? huh?
019. What does your xanga name stand for? what?
020. Pets: a cat named Sammi
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? i dunno 13 i guess?
022. Piercings? none
023. Tattoo's? none

024. Shoe size: 8 and 1/2
025. Righty or lefty? Lefty
026. Wearing: soccer uniform

027. Hearing: the tv and shelley talking
028. Feeling: happy
029. Eating/drinking: nuttin

061. Have you ever been in love? yeah man.. i am right now
062. How many people have you told "I love you"? i say it to a lot of people but only mean it to a couple
063. How many people have you been in love with? 2
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee? no.. ??
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews? no
116. Are your parents divorced? No way

121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life? i dno
122. What's the most embarrassing cd you own? n'sync and backstreet boys.. but i swear i dont listen to them anymore!
123. What's the best cd you own? both SP cd's
125. Do you sing in the shower? HECK YES
126. What song reminds you of that special someone? Beautiful Soul

*Name and artist and u have to give one song off of any of their albums*
127. Pink: Get This Party Started
128. Aerosmith: Walk This Way
129. Madonna: I don't listen to her
130. Korn: ?
131. Backstreet Boys: Shape of My Heart
134. J.Lo: Get Right
135. Nsync: Tearin` Up My Heart
136. Limp Bizkit: ?
137. Britney Spears: Lucky
139. Enrique Iglesias: ?
141. Christina Aguilera: ?
142. Eminem: Mockingbird
144. Kelly Clarkson: Since U Been Gone
145. Muse: who?
146. Mandy Moore: ?
147. Eve: ?
148. Aaliyah: ?
150. Alicia Keys: If I Ain't Got You
151. Incubus: ?

152. Color: Green
153. Food: fetuccini alfredo
154. Song: lonely by akon
155. Show: full house
156. school subject: LA & PE
157. Band/singer: simple plan
158. Animal: tiger
159. Outfit: my black courderoy (sp?) pants with my white black pink and green billabong shirt
160. Radio station: 103.3, 106.7, 99.9, 93.1, 92.3, 93.7, 105.1
161. Movie: Mean Girls and Without a Paddle
162. Pair of shoes: my pink nike's
163. Cartoon: fairly odd parents
164. Actor: Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher
165. Actress: Jennifer Aniston
166. Potato chip: Barbeque Fritos
167. Drink: lemon-lime gatorade
168. Alcholic drink: umm none
169. Holiday: CHRISTMAS!
170. Perfume/cologne: Lilu
171. Pizza topping: Pepperoni
172. Jell-O flavor: Strawberry
173. Lunch meat: bologna
174. Board game: LIFE
175. Video game: Fifa 2005

176. Website: www.soccer.com
177. Book: south beach
178. Computer game: i dont play `em
179. Number: 23 & 5
180. Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
181. Comedian: Adam Sandler
182. Dessert: oreo or reese's blizzard from DQ
183. Disney character: Mickey Mouse
184. Clothing store: PacSun, Maui Nix, Red Dog, Mad Dog.. surf shops... i dno where else

186. Teacher: Ms. Raines and Mrs. Dougal
187. Childhood toy: i dno
188. Carnival game/ride: anything
189. Candy bar: Milky Way
190. Magazine: Teen People, Eurosport
191. Salad dressing: Ranch
192. Thing to do on the weekend: Hang out with Daniel<3 and Shelley =]
193. Hot drink: Hot Chocolate
194. Season: Summer
195. Sport to watch: Soccer.. duh

197. What color are your sheets? polka dot
198. What color are your bedroom walls? yellow
199. Do you have posters on your wall? yes, a soccer one
202. How many pillows are on your bed? 4 and the stuffed bear daniel gave me
203. What do you normally sleep in? pajama pants and a tank top
204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: soccer pajama pants with a soccer t-shirt
205. What size bed do you have? queen
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunk bed/daybed? a regular bed
208. Do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep? nah, i keep the tv on
209. Describe the last nightmare you had: i dont realli have nightmares
211. How many people can comfortably sleep in your bed? 2
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions? how would i know? im sleeping
214. Do you snore? nope
215. How about drool? i dunno
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room? yupp
218. What's under your bed? a lot of crap

219. beach/mountains: Beach
220. Donuts/bagels: Donuts =]
221. Day/night: Night
223. Heaven/hell: heaven
224. Make love/have sex: whoa.. aren't those the same things?
225. Coffee/tea: neither
228. Britney/Christina: Neither.. they both suck!
229. Swiss cheese/American cheese: American cheese
230. Real World/Road Rules: i LOVE both of them!
231. Backstreet Boys/*Nsync: If I had to pick, Backstreet Boys
232. Silver/gold: silver
233. Nike/Adidas: Both
235. Sweet/sour: both
236. Punk/emo: umm neither
237. Hot/cold: Hot
238. Winter/summer: Summer
239. Spring/fall: Spring
240. Operas/plays: Play
241. Read/watch TV: read
242. Cd's/tapes: CDs
243. Dvd's/vhs: DVDs
244. Old/new: old/new what?
245. Shorts/skirts: shorts
246. Pink/red: Pink
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: both
248. Meat/vegetables: meat
249. Mexican food/Chinese food: mexican food
250. Commercials/infomercials: neither
251. Scary movies/comedies: scary movies
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: Bikinis
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: tennis shoes
254. Dogs/cats: puppies
255. Unicorns/fairies: unicorns
256. Water/land: land
257. Sugar/spice: Sugar
258. Black/white: im not racist
259. ribbons/bows: ribbons
260. Chicken/beef: chicken
261. Colored Christmas lights/regular white Christmas lights: colored christmas lights!

262. Cars/trucks: trucks
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: Austin Powers
264. Popcorn/pretzels: both
266. Passionate kiss/peck: passionate kiss
268. Back rub/foot massage: back rub
269. Picture frames/photo albums: Photo albums

~What Is Your Opinion Of The Following~
271. Eminem: he has some kool songs
272. Virgins: good for them
273. God: i love God!!
274. The Osbournes: umm.. yeah what about `em?
275. Reality TV: not much of reality
276. J.Lo: really pretty
277. Religion: awesome
278. Emo music: dont have a problem with it
279. Valentine's Day: the best holiday in the world
280. Christina Aguilera's comeback: who cares?
281. Homosexuals: never realli like "hung out" with one
283. Inter-racial relationships: sure
284. Murder: very extremely sad
285. Death: i hate thinking about that
286. Obesity: shouldn't happen as much as it does
287. Pre-marital sex: i don't care
288. Terrorism: A BAD THING!
289. Porn: no thank you
290. Fortune tellers: people that think they're kool but realli arent!
291. Threesomes: umm no
293. Politics: pretty kool
294. Country music: Love it!!
297. Britney's boobs: umm.. no comment please
298. Gas prices in America: wayyyyy too high!

~Name Game~
What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?.
299. Jack: Jordan Bots' lil bro
300. Tiffany: jewelry
301. Ben: one of my best friends!
305. Amy: Amy Harms
307. Richard: i don't like that name
309. Arnold: HEY ARNOLD! the tv show
310. Tom: and jerry
311. Melissa: squeaky voice (Melissa Faron) lol
313. Harold: on Hey Arnold!
314. John: band geek
315. Joel: annoying kid in my math class last year
316. Vanessa: a girl on flagler's soccer team
317. Michelle: Kayla's middle name
319. Brad: Hodgins
320. Jake: White
322. Sarah: Clark
324. Christ: Jesus Christ.. the only son of the Father.
325. Nick: Walker
326. Linda: Ellerbee
327. Taylor: Zimmerman
328. Jordan: Rogers
329. Jamie: Sorrell
330. Scott: Klindt

~Have You Ever....~
331. Mooned anyone? nope
332. Been on a diet? no
333. Been to a foreign country? bahamas
334. Broken a bone? my ankle
335. Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling? no
336. Swear at a teacher? no
338. Got in a fight? not realli
339. Dated a teacher? um no sorry
340. Laughed so hard you almost peed your pants?: yes most definitely
341. Thought about killing your enemy? No.. but I want to punch her
342. Gone skinny dipping? nope
344. Told a little white lie? umm yeah.. everyone does
345. Told a secret you swore not to tell? i dont know
346. Stolen anything? no
347. Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid? no
348. Been on TV? nope
351. Been to a concert? yupp.. barenaked ladies and tim mcgraw
352. Dated one of your best friends? nope.. almost though
353. Loved someone so much it makes you cry? no i dont cry.. but i love him a lot <3
354. Deceived somebody close to you? nope
355. Broken the law? no
359. Been on an airplane? Yeah, its flipping awesome!
360. Got to ride on a fire truck? YEAH MAN!
361. Came close to dying? no
362. Cheated on a bf/gf? no.. i havent

365. Made a mud pie? no
366. Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff? OMG THAT HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME
367. Snuck out of the house at night? nope
368. Been so drunk you don't remember your name? no cant say i did =/
369. Had an eating disorder? Nope
371. Felt like the 3rd wheel? A few times
372. Smoked? No eww
373. Done drugs? no way!
374. Been arrested? Nope
376. Gone camping? yeah, i go all the time
377. Won a bet? i dont usually bet.. and if i do i dont win `em lol
378. Written a love letter? well not exactly..
381. Kissed in the rain? no
383. Participated in cyber sex? uhm.. no
384. Faked an orgasm? nope
385. Stolen a kiss? how do you steal one exactly?

386. Asked a friend for relationship advice? always!
387. Had a friend steal your bf/gf? nope
388. Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love? i dunno
391. Had to wear a uniform to work? havent worked
392. Gotten a trophy? A LOT
393. Thrown up in public? nope!
396. Got perfect attendance in grade school? a couple of times
397. Roasted pumpkin seeds? my mom does all the time
398. Taken ballet lessons? No flipping way
399. Attempted suicide? No way
400. Cut yourself? Nope

401. Did you play with Barbies? honestly.. yes
402. Did you own Treasure Trolls? what are those?
403. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210? no
404. Did you play Simon? yes i did
405. Did you watch Fraggle Rock? what?
406. Did you wet the bed? most likely.. what lil kid doesnt?
407. Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed? nope
408. Did you wear the underwear the days of the week on them? Nope, I wasn't kool enough to =]
409. Were you shy? sorta kinda
410. Were you spoiled? a lil bit.. okay a lot =P
415. Did you build snowmen? No i didnt see snow till the DC trip last december
416. Did you cry when you scraped your knee? DUH
417. Were your older cousins mean to you? i dont have any older cousins
418. Did you think slinkies were cool? of course
419. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer? umm they were a cartoon

420. Were you afraid of the dark? Yes
421. Did you have slumber parties? Yeah!
422. Did you have New Kids On The Block sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, dolls and pajamas? No, I didn't know who they were
423. Did you tease your hair out? nope

426. Name three things that are next to your computer: speakers, newspaper, and my homework
427. Do you have any hidden talents? i dno.. they're hidden.. so how would I know?
428. Do you like school? yeah.. only cuz of my friends being there though
429. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be? a comedy
430. What would your movie star name be? no clue
431. Do you play any sports? soccer and softball and i surf
432. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? darkness probably
433. What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently? Coach Carter w/ AJ n Kyle
436. What is your dream car? a prowler
437. Do you think your good looking? yeah, sometimes
438. Do others think you are good looking? some people i guess
439. Would you ever sky dive? heck yes
441. How many bedrooms do you have in your house? 4
442. Are you afraid of roller coasters? No way!! I LOVE THEM
443. Do you believe in God? Yes!
444. Do you believe in Satan? He's bad
445. Do you believe there is a heaven? `course!
446. Do you believe there is a hell? Yes! But only mean people go there
447. Do you own a pool table? no, i wish i was rich enough to
448. Do you have a pool? yupp
450. Do you like chocolate? omg who doesnt?
452. How many U.S. states have you been to? 7 i think

453. Ever wished on a shooting star? Yes
454. Best Halloween costume you ever wore? tourist =]
456. What is your weakness? i dno
457. Name something you can't get enough of: soccer
458. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives: caring, loyal, friendly
459. How many kids do you want to have? 2 or 3
460. Future daughters names: Brianna or Nicole
461. Future sons names: Jackson or Braiden
462. What is your ideal way to die? dying in my sleep
463. How do you release stress? i get edgy and yell at people
464. Are you a trendy person? sometimes i guess
465. Are you an artisitic person? maybe?
466. Are you a realistic person? Yeah
468. Are you a strong person emotionally? Yeah, you could say so
469. Are you a strong willed person? Yeah
470. Who is the last person to e-mail you? No clue..
472. Do you hate chain e-mails? yeah some of `em
473. Are you a deep sleeper? Nope
474. Are you a good story teller? when I'm writing
475. What do you believe is your best quality? im not sure.. i guess my personality
476. What is your greatest accomplishment? my grades
477. Do you like to burn candles or incense? yeah
480. Let's say you win the lotto? umm .. AWESOME
482. Do you like your driver? what?
483. Do you tan easily? Yeah
484. What color is your hair naturally? blonde
485. How many fillings do you have? none
486. How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit? none
487. Worst feeling in the world? losing someone you love
488. Best feeling in the world?
489. Is the glass half empty or half full? half full
492. What do you think people think of you? i dno.. why dont you ask them?
493. Are you a likeable person? yeah, i guess so
494. Do you need therapy? no
495. Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance? uhm.. no?
496. What the best way to be proposed to? somewhere crazy
497. What kind of movie would you star in? Comedy
498. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed Up? no, Fed Ups

Erin S~ If a girl has a wedgie, she's gotta pick it! LMFAO that was so funny. ILU!!! <3
Shelley~ Bffl.. ILYSFM! I'll always be here for ya! <3 xoxo
BFFL's: Sl, Db, Bd, Ra, Jf, Em, Pd, Ar, Ph, Ac

Daniel~ You mean the world to me and I'd do anything to be with you 24/7. Nobody sees you as perfectly as I do. I'll always be here for you no matter what. I love you, baby!! xoxo <3

Fitness Festival tomorrow! =] [Thursday,
April 14th, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* Flown on a plane: YEAH
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: UM NO
* Missed school because it was raining: DOES A HURRiCANE COUNT?
* Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: LOTZ OF TiMES
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: NOT THAT i CAN REMEMBER
* Had a crush on a friends girlfriend/boyfriend: NO
* Been hurt emotionally: YEAH.. BY BOYFRiENDS
* Kept a secret from everyone: NOT EVERYONE
* Had an imaginary friend: NO..
* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: DEFiNiTELY NOT..
* Been on stage: YEAH
* Cut your hair: NOT MY OWN
* Had crush on a teacher?: N0PE

------------ FAVORiTES -----------------------------------------------------------
*Fav Color: GREEN AND PiNK
* Day/Night: NiGHT
* Summer/Winter: SUMMER
* Lace or Satin: SATiN
* Cartoon Character: i DUNNO
* Fave Advertisement: HUH??
* Fave Drink: GATORADE
* Person to talk to online: DANiEL
* Fave sport: SOCCER
* Fave Car: PROWLER

-----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
* Eating: NADA
* Drinking: NOTHiNG
* Thinkin bout: DANiEL
* Listening to: FRESH PRiNCE OF BELLAiR (ON TV)

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: NO
* Worn jeans: YEA, TODAY
* Met someone New online: NO
* Done laundry: NO
* Drove a car: UMM NO
* Talked on the phone: YES
* Kissed someone: YES, DANiEL OF COURSE
* Said "I love you": YES, TO DANiEL OF COURSE =]

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
* Yourself: YES i DO
* Your friends: HECK YES
* Santa Claus: NO
* Tooth Fairy: NO
* Destiny/Fate: YEAH MAN
* Angels: YUPP

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do you ever wish you had another name? NO, i LiKE MY NAME
* Do you like anyone? UMM, DANiEL .. DUH
* Which one of your friends acts the most like you? ASHLEY
* Who have you known the longest of your friends: ERiN, SARAH, AND ANGELA
* Who's the loudest: RAQUEL =]
* Who's the shyest: PAM
* Are you close to any family members? YEAH, ALL OF THEM. BUT MOSTLY MY MOM
* Who's the weirdest?: MOST DEFiNiTELY SHELLEY LOL
* Who do you go to for stuff? SHELLEY AND DANiEL
* Who do you hang out with the most? SHELLEY AND DANiEL
* When you cried the most: WHEN AJ BROKE UP WiTH ME
* What's the best feeling in the world: WHEN YOU KNOW SOMEONE LOVES YOU AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE THEM
* Worst Feeling: BEiNG EMBARASSED
* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you: iF THEY WOULD LiKE TO
* What time is it now? 10:20 PM


1. Kissed your cousin: NO, CAN'T SAY i HAVE
2. Ran away: NO
3. Pictured your crush naked: MAYBE..? ;]
4. skipped school: WHEN i WAS SiCK
5. Broken someone's heart: NOT SURE
6. Been in love: YEAH, i AM RiGHT NOW
7. Cried when someone died: YEAH..iT WAS SO SAD
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: NOT THAT i KNOW OF
10. Done something embarrassing: ALL THE TiME
11. Done a drug: NO
12. Cried in school: YES

13. Coke or Pepsi: DON'T LiKE SODA
14. Sprite or 7UP: GOSH.. i DON'T LiKE SODA!
15. Girls or Guys: GUYS.. DUH
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: CLEAN
18. Blondes or Brunettes: EiTHER
19. Bitchy or Slutty: NEiTHER
20. Tall or Short: TALLER THAN ME
21. Pants or Shorts: EiTHER
22. Night or Day: NiGHT

23. What do you notice first: iF THEY'RE CUTE OR NOT
24. Last person you slow danced with: ???
25. Worst Question To Ask: THERE ARE A LOT OF THOSE..

26. Showered: LiKE AN HOUR AGO
27. Stepped outside: LiKE AN HOUR AND A HALF AGO
29. Romantic memory: KiSSiNG DANiEL.

30. Your Good Luck Charm: DANiEL
31. Person You Hate Most: ****** ******!!!!!!! SHE KNOWS WHO SHE iS
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: BEiNG WiTH DANiEL
34. Picture on your desktop: A BEACH
35. Color: PiNK
37. Artist: UMM.. THAT ONE GUY..??
39. Ice Cream: OREO AND REESE'S
40. Food: ANY FOOD
41. Breakfast Food: CiNNAM0N R0LLS

42. Makes you laugh the most: DANiEL
43. Makes you smile: DANiEL
44. Can make you feel better no mattter what: DANiEL
45. Has A Crush On You: DANiEL
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: DANiEL
47.Who has it easier? Girls or Guys?: GUYS

49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: NO
50. Save AIM conversations: ALL THE TiME
51. Save E-mails: NO ONE E-MAiLS ME
52. Forward secret E-mails: NO
53. Wish you were someone else: N0PE
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: NO
55. Wear perfume: YEAH
56. Kiss: YES, ALL THE TiME
57. Cuddle: YEAH
58. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: NO i'M NOT ALLOWED
59. Fallen for your best friend?: UMM.. i'M GONNA SAY YEAH.. BUT iT'S NOT SHELLEY. ;]
60. Made out with JUST a friend?: N0
61. Kissed two people in the same day?: NO
62. Had sex with two different people in the same day?: UMM MOST DEFiNiTELY NOT
63. Been rejected: UHH ??
64. Been in love?: YES, & i AM RiGHT N0W
65. Been in lust?: WHATEVER THE HECK THAT iS
66. Used someone?: NO
67. Been used?: NAH
68. Cheated on someone?: N0 WAY
69. Been cheated on?: D0NT THiNK S0
70. Been kissed?: UMM, DUH.
71. Done something you regret?: PLENTY OF TiMES

72. You touched?: MY BROTHER.. i HiT HiM.. HE WAS BEiNG SOOO ANNOYiNG
73. You talked to?: AJ
74. You hugged?: MY DAD
75. you instant messaged?: JP
76. You kissed?: DANiEL
77. You yelled at?: MY BR0THER
78. You thought about?: DANiEL
79. Who text messaged you?: SHELLEY
80. Who broke your heart?: AJ
81. who told you they loved you?: DANiEL

82. Color your hair? NOPE
83. Have tattoos?: N00000
84. Have piercings?: NO
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: A BOYFRiEND. OBViOUSLY. DANiEL <3
86. Own a webcam?: NO
87. Own a thong?: NO COMMENT
88. Ever get off the damn computer? NEGATORY.. ASK MY MOM.. SHE'LL ANSWER THAT
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: NO.
90. Habla espanol?: SI. ASI ASI. ME GUSTA MUCHO ESPANOL.
91. Quack?: UHM N0

92. Stolen anything?: N0
93. Smoke?: NO
94. Schizophrenic?: NO
95. Obsessive?: NO
96. Compulsive?: NO
97. Obsessive compulsive? NO
98. Panic?: SOMETiMES
99. Anxiety?: NOT REALLi
100.Depressed?: N0


i'M OUT.


More stuff. Bored. [Monday,
April 4th, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

red rag top by Tim McGraw is your 1st love song
This person was the one you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. everything about this person was so perfect and you don't know how it all went wrong. this person helped make you who you are today.

what country song reminds you of your 1st love?

In love
You are truely in love. You feel as if you need them and only them, yet you must wait for this person to feel the true energy between you both. But Yes you are totally and completely in love....!!!!!

r u in love???????

He is nice, sweet, comforting, and there for you. He's a keeper.

whats your ideal boyfriend

wow!!! ur very smart...did u know that
whoo-pee!!!you have a very extensive vocabulary...that's very good of you to get most/all of the definitions correct...

let's test your vocabulary!!!


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DANIEL <3 You mean everything to me. xoxo

March 30th, 2005]
[ mood | annoyed~ AJ's annoying me ]


Which friend is the....
.: x craziest- Raquel
.: x sweetest- Jessica
.: x prettiest- Jordan R.
.: x smartest- I dunno
.: x girly- Jessica.. by far lol
.: x easiest to be grossed out- Jessica .. again
.: x blondest- Shelley haha
.: x honest- Pam
.: x trustworthy- Shelley
.: x sporty- Daniel.. he plays like every sport known to man
.: x animal lover- no clue
.: x computer genious- dunno
.: x xanga nerd- huh?
.: x funniest- Tony
.: x drama person- Kelly
.: x band person- AJ
.: x person that always gets their homework done- Courtney
.: x flirtiest- Molly

About your friends and past friends
.: x which friend have you known the longest?- Erin, Sarah, Angela
.: x which friend have you known the least?- probably.. Ashley Roberts
.: x who was your first best friend?- Shelley
.: x is he/she still you friend?- yupp
.: x which friend do you miss the most?- I dno
.: x has one of your best friends ever moved away?- no
.: x who has the most classes with you?- Courtney
.: x pick one friend and tell one of your favorite memories- too many..

Which one of your buds is most likely to....
.: x be a teacher- Courtney
.: x become a computer person- Patrick
.: x become a stay at home mom- Ashley Roberts
.: x live life on the wild side- Erin M.
.: x travel all over the world- Ben
.: x become famous- Dane
.: x fall in love before 20- no clue
.: x become a sports star- Daniel
.: x not go to college- Ben lol j/k
.: x get married twice- no clue
.: x have 4 kids- Jessica
.: x become a telemarketer- these questions are hard..
.: x be your best friend throughout your whole life- Shelley
.: x be at home doing nothing but eating and watching tv- Ben
.: x be a serious business person- i dno
.: x become someone with a job that helps people- Raquel
.: x end up on road rules or real world- Dane

i MiSS DANiEL!!! <3 :'( [Tuesday,
March 29th, 2005]
[ mood | sore ]


I'm doing absolutely nothing for Spring Break. I'm having fun doing nothing though. lol

I forgot what I did on Friday.

On Saturday we went to a 3v3 tournament in Apopka. Dane and Jake's team was there so we got to watch their games in between ours. So that was good. We got first place and the boys got third.

On Easter I went out to eat with my grandparents and then the Condercuri's came over. It was fun.

Yesterday me, my bro, and AJ went surfing. The water was so flipping cold. But we had our spring suits so it wasn't that bad. Then my mom, AJ, and I went to Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Friendly's. AJ was actually nice to me. That's a first for him. =P It was very unusual. lol Oh, and I got braces yesterday. Ugh they hurt so flipping bad. I had to get FOUR rubberbands and I can barely open my mouth. I got black and pink rubberbands on my braces. Woo hoo

Today I'm going to soccer camp with Dane and Jake. Fun. 10-4. That's a lotta soccer. But we get to go to the gym in the afternoon and play indoor.

I LOVE YOU DANIEL <3 I can't wait to see you again. I miss you so much. Call me as SOON as you get back. I LOVE YOU!!! xOxO

Dane~ bffl ILYSFM!! <3
Jake~ I still have that retarded song stuck in my head. Thanks. Lol =P

I'm LoSt WiThOuT yOu... <3 [Wednesday,
March 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | lonely ]

Daniel's leaving tomorrow!! :'( Ugh.. I'm gonna miss him so flippin` much!! He made me keep his sweatshirt today to "remind me of him". He's so sweet though. I realli wish he wasn't going anywhere.i WANT HiM TO STAY HERE!

FCAT.. ugh... [Wednesday,
March 16th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It's raining outside and I'm bored. =(
And I miss Daniel. Even though I just saw him like 45 minutes ago. :P

Ohh.. my weekend was awesome.

Saturday I had 2 soccer games. The first one was at 10 in Palm Bay or Melbourne or something. Anyways.. we scrimmaged Jupiter. I scored a goal in the second half. But a couple of minutes after I scored I went to shoot it with the outside of my right foot and this girl came in and kicked me in the shin REALLI hard. I had to sit out for the rest of the game. =/ We had another game at 4 against Indiatlantic. It was a season game so it counts. That was totally stupid of our coach to schedule a scrimmage BEFORE a season game cuz we're tired by the time our second game is played. And I got hurt in the first one so I couldn't play the second one. GAY COACH. ugh. Anyways.. between games we went to the Texas Roadhouse. I went with Shelley, Raquel, Molly, Kayla, Hailey, Annalee, and Sarah. It was fun. Then we went to the Indiatlantic fields to play them. Even though I didn't get to play. >=0 grr Well, to say it nicely.. we didn't do too good. We lost 2-1 even though we coulda easily beat that team. Oh yeah.. and we beat the first team 3-1.. i think. I know we won though. They're like one of the top 10 teams in the state. Oh yeah. and WE beat them. Anyways.. when I got home Saturday night.. I forget what I did. But who cares.

Sunday was so awesome. Daniel and Dane came with me to my games. One was a scrimmage at 10 against The Storm.. I forget where they were from. But I got to play this game. We played awesome and beat them. I just forget the score. Between games we played on the playground at the fields (:P) and played baseball. lol We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs too. So awesome. And Dane climbed a tree. Lol Funny stuff. And then Daniel did a front flip or something off the thing at the playground. I told him not to but he did anyways. He hurt his back. But he got over it and then jumped over a bench. =/ I still love him tho. lol Then we played our second game against.. umm.. I dno who. But Raquel pushed this girl. Haha it was so funny. The girl's mom was like, "she'll hit you, she'll hit you." I was like pssh.. Raquel could beat both your butts with her eyes closed. Lol I didn't say that.. but I sure was thinking it. =X Oh.. dude I had this awesome header!! It was in the first game. IT ALMOST WENT IN!! GRR i was so mad. the goalie BARELY got it. Ugh.. Oh well. I'll keep trying. =D I did it for Daniel though. He said if I didn't score he was gonna break up with me. (yeah, right) lol Like he would do that. I'd probably have to kill him. Anyways.. who cares.

On Monday AJ was over and we went out to Play It Again to get me softball cleats but didn't find any there so we went to Sport's Authority. I got some Adidas there. Then me, AJ, my bro and my mom went to Olive Garden and AJ was acting like a total idiot. But it was funny and it's normal for him. lol So I got home and talked to Daniel online for about 2 hours or something. He told me he thinks he knows what he's getting me for my birthday. Hehe.

Yesterday and today we had FCAT. Woo hoo.

Well I g2g.

Daniel~ I love you more than you could ever know. Nothing could change that. I LOVE YOU!! <3 xoxoxoxo
Shelley~ Bffl ilysfm!!
Ewin~ We gotta think of names! lol ILY!! <3

March 9th, 2005]
[ mood | okay ]

I am so bored.

Nobody cares but I'm going through period by period. Lol

1st- Spanish. Vocabulary. Easy.
2nd- Science. Watch movies and listen to mr. habig talk. how exciting.
3rd- Math. I actually get what we're doing. Today we did this easy paper and had groups. I was w/ Ashley and Abdullah.
4th- PE. Stayed inside. They made up go outside in the rain for a fire drill. And then we were like way late to 5th period.
5th- History. Some quiz thing. I got all of them right though.
6th- Home ec. Some gay math paper which has nothing to do w/ home ec but whatever.
7th- Language Arts. This thing about cars that's hard. But me, Kristina, Courtney, and Caitlin juss talked about people. lol

After school I was supposed to go to a Braves Spring Training game but we didn't cuz it rained. So i slept for like 2 hours. So yeah, I was bored.

Daniel~ You're coming to my games this weekend. I love you!! xoxo <33
Paul~ You are THE funniest kid ever. lyl <33 bffl

C0L0MBIA6: i make every girl look hotter and cooler then what they were before

Yeah, you wish JP. LoL <--Gotta love him. <33

me n shelley r bored. [Thursday,
March 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | dorky with Shelley hehe ]

Describe --
[x] Eye Color: Blue
[x] Your fears: Being dumped

What is --
[x] Your most overused phrase on aim: lol
[x] Your thoughts first waking up: What time is it?
[x] The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Face
[x] Your best physical feature: Shelley says everything..
[x] Your bedtime: don't have one
[x] Your most missed memory: Huh?

You prefer --
[x] Pepsi or Coke: Neither
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: Eww grosssss... neither!
[x] Single or group dates: group
[x] Adidas or Nike: Nike
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: haven't tried either

Do you --
[x] Smoke: No way
[x] Curse: Very rarely
[x] Take a shower everyday: Yes
[x] Have any crushes?: Gotta b/f
[x] Who are they: the b/f .. Daniel <33
[x] Do you think you've been in love?: twice
[x] Want to go to college: Of course
[x] Like high school: Haven't been there
[x] Want to get married: Yes!!
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: Nope
[x] Believe in yourself: Yupp
[x] Get motion sickness: Not usually
[x] Think you're a health freak: Nah
[x] Get along with your parents: Yeah, most of the time
[x] Like thunderstorms: No.. you can't play soccer or surf.

Have you in the past month --
[x] Gone to the mall: yeah
[x] Eaten sushi: eww never have
[x] Been dumped: not in the past month..
[x] Gone skating: skating or skateboarding?
[x] Made homemade cookies: Always.. =/
[x] Dyed your hair: Nope
[x] Stolen anything: Just stupid things from my friends

Have you ever --
[x] Flown on a plane: yes
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: Hurricane days
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Always
[x] Cried during a Movie?: Yupp.. Ladder 49
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Umm.. no
[x] Cut your hair: Not myself
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: Ugh.. no way
[x] Been caught "doing something": Depends what "something" is
[x] Been called a tease: Don't think so
[x] Gotten beaten up?: Only by AJ
[x] Been in a fight: Only on the computer
[x] Shoplifted: Never

The future --
[x] Age you hope to be married: i dno
[x] Numbers of Children: 2 or 3
[x] Descibe your Dream Wedding: A kool one
[x] How do you want to die?: i dont plan on dying in any specific way
[x] What do you want to be when you grow up?: Pro soccer player.. not gonna happen though
[x] What country would you most like to visit? Australia

Opposite sex --
[x] Best eye color: Blue or brown
[x] Best hair color: bleached blonde like Daniel's! lol j/k .. it doesn't realli matter to me
[x] Short or long hair: i like shorter better but i like both
[x] Best height: Taller than me at least.
[x] Best weight: Doesn't matter
[x] Best first date location: anywhere
[x] Best first kiss location: anywhere.. mine and Daniel's was at school

Number of --
[x] Number of Boyfriends/Girlfriends: 5 i think..
[x] Number of drugs taken illegally: umm.. none
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: tons
[x] Number of CDs that I own: I dunno.. a lot
[x] Number of piercings: none.
[x] Number of tattoos: 0
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? ???
[x] Number of scars on my body: 2 or 3
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: a bunch

Favorites --
[x] Shampoo: anything that works
[x] Fav Color(s): Green n` pink
[x] Day/Night: Day
[x] Summer/Winter: Summer
[x] Lace or Satin: Satin
[x] Fave Cartoon: The Weekenders!!
[x] Fave Food: fettuchini alfredo
[x] Fave Movies: Sweet Home Alabama
[x] Fave sport: SOCCER!!!!!!!!

Right now --
[x] Right Now Wearing: jeans and tournament shirt w/ underarmour
[x] Drinking: nothing
[x] Thinking about: Daniel <3
[x] Listening to: Ciara~ 1,2 Step

In the last 24 hrs. --
[x] Cried: no
[x] Worn jeans: I am right now
[x] Met someone new online: Yeah
[x] Done laundry: No
[x] Drove a car: Yeah I wish

Do you believe in --
[x] Yourself: Yeah
[x] Your friends: All of `em
[x] Santa Claus: Nah
[x] Tooth Fairy: Nope
[x] Destiny/Fate: Yeah
[x] Angels: Yeah
[x] Ghosts: Nah
[x] UFO's: not realli
[x] God: Yes, DUHH I'm catholic

Friends and life --
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: Sometimes
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yupp.. Daniel.. I love you!! xOxO <33
[x] Do you like anyone?: Yes... duhhh
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Shelley .. duhhhh
[x] Are you close to any family member?: My mom
[x] What's the best feeling in the world?: love..
[x] Worst Feeling?: guilt

Umm ... comment if you want to...


Wht ppl think of me. =] [Tuesday,
March 1st, 2005]
[ mood | flirty ]

BaDaSsBballer42: i think your very athletic(more than me),nice,pretty and the most of all ........your the best girlfriend ever! i love you!

XSpOrTzKrAzYx: urrrrn nice funni fun to be round geerrrrrrreat friend good at soccer way to smart annnddddd ur my best friend

maddawgmatt24: your very nice funny pretty smart
maddawgmatt24: your pretty
maddawgmatt24: your nice to others, you make everybody feel good about themselves,
maddawgmatt24: your athletic
maddawgmatt24: your gorgeous

Chase 1990: ur very cool down to earth athletic good friend

GirlzCanRipToO: i think that you are the best friend EVER. WHOOP! and i love you and i cant wait for you to be at Creek next year. and youre beautiful and ur gonna make an awesome addition to our soccer team and ur cool even tho ur a future IB geek and i can go on and on forever!

bustAnutRiffs: ur soo much fun to hang w/ ur way cool on a cool way n ur a great friend n i can tell u anything

lil xo erin: your wonderful!! and your one of my best friends and i dont know what i'd do without you! ilysm xo <3

SURFBOY227: kool sexy and hott

FAT PPL R FLUFFY: Brittany likes to hit balls
FAT PPL R FLUFFY: soccer balls that is

Ill get more l8r...

Daniel~ I love you so much. Nothing could ever change that. You're the best. xOxO <33 ILYSFM!

February 14th, 2005]
1. Am I pretty?
2. Am I sweet?
3. Am I crazy?
4. Am I lovable?
5. Am I a psycho?
6. Am I funny?
7. Am I mean?
8. Am I a good person?

Would You...
9. Hug me?
10. Miss me if I was gone?
11. Listen to my problems?
12. Be a good friend?
13. Ever go out with me?
14. If you already have...would you do it again?
15. Kiss me?
16. Marry me if you could?
17. Tell me something that you’ve never told me before?

How Well Do You Know Me
18. When's my birthday?
19. How old am I?
20. What school do I go to?
21. Do I have any siblings?
22. Whats my favorite Sport?
23. Who is my best friend?
24. What's my favorite band?
25. What's my favorite type of music?
26. What's my favorite T.V. Show?
27. What's my favorite song?
28. What is, in my opinion, the greatest song I have ever heard?

Who Am I
29. What T.V. Star do I remind you most of?
30. What song would you dedicate to me?
31. What famous person do I most resemble?

If You Could
32. Give me a new name...What would it be and why?
33. Hook me up with someone (it can be yourself)...Who would it be and why?
34. Do one thing with me...What would it be and why?
35. Drop me one piece of advice...What would it be?

Just A Few Questions
36. What do you love about me?
37. What do you hate about me?

38. What is my best quality?
39. If you could change one thing about me...What would it be and why?
40. What is your honest opinion of me?
41.Who's the most compatible to me?

Who are you?
42. Whats your name?
43. How did we meet?
44. Are we friends?
45. Have you ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
46. Are you glad this is done?

February 13th, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

What would you do if.....

» I committed suicide:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived across the street from you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:

YESSS.. i'M SO HAPPY!! [Saturday,
February 12th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow.. haven't been on the computer since.. hmm.. Monday.. I think that's record for me. =P You need to be updated. Me and Sean broke up on Thursday.. Don't ask.. long story.. and NOW i'M GOiNG OUT WiTH DANiEL KESSLER!! He asked me out yesterday. He is THE koolest kid ever.. and i LOVE HiM!! <33 xOxO Umm well.. Monday's Valentine's Day.. can't wait!!!! I got i think 9 people carnations.. maybe 8. And I got Daniel something today =D Umm well.. nothing else to say soo.. I'm out. Much love



Best Friends Forever~ SL, DB, BD, JF, RA .. ILU GUYS!!


G-ROUNDED [Tuesday,
February 8th, 2005]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm off AIM and the computer till Friday i think.. leave me a message on my s/n.. and CALL ME!! 795*7584

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